Do you need an Aspirin after your sales meetings?

What kind of job may require you take an aspirin after a particularly good meeting? Answer: sales.

During the last 24 months I think I have held some of my best sales meetings (this is reassuring since I am always trying to improve my own sales skills).  Thinking back on these particularly well run meetings I realized they were very tiring and I really could have used an aspirin after many of them.  But the end result was a couple of deals that made my year… not a bad trade-off.

So why might you need an aspirin after a good sales meeting?  During a sales meeting you should be listening with intense focus.  You need to really understand and to some extent take on the buyer’s pain.  When you are doing things well you really start to step into the buyer’s shoes, feel their pain and try to figure out solutions.Dealing with the buyer’s problems; thinking of solutions and staying intensely focused on the other person all at the same time is really hard work.

So the next time you hold a sales meeting ask yourself “Was that too easy?”  “Did I stay as intensely focused as possible?”  “Did I leave everything on the court?”  “Do I need an aspirin?”  (Tip: a cold beer works too).

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