What’s Old is New

How many emails did you get this week?  How many hand-written notes or letters did you receive?

I suspect most people have no idea what the answer is to question #1 since the number is so large.  I suspect the answer to question #2 is zero but no greater than one.

We are all grappling with breaking through the “marketing noise” today but as more and more of this noise moves into electronic media, like email and (yes) blogs, there is an opportunity opening up.  It’s the opportunity of old fashioned media like letters, note cards and faxes.

Here’s the story of purportedly the world’s greatest sales man from the Guerilla Marketing for Consultants blog.  The secret to the world’s greatest sales man was that he sent lots of postcards!  And here’s a recent success story from a small business owner who used hand-written notes to prospect, from the Duct Tape Marketing blog, he generated ten leads from twenty hand-written notes!

So if you want to break through the noise out there and connect with new people or keep-in-touch with existing contacts, it just might be time to pick up your old fountain pen…

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