Shred Your Sales Books!

My best takeaway from the Sales Skills for MBA’s event in New York was from one of the participants who introduced herself in the Q & A as “not being a sales person”.

She made the comment that she now understood that sales is in fact quite simple.  “It comes down to being human and interacting with your buyer as another human being”.

  • I agree 120%.  I think many of us who have “officially” worked in sales have been “polluted” over time with misinformation that appeared in some of the early sales books…particularly those terrible closing techniques.

Many of these techniques pay no respect to the buyer as being an intelligent human being.  And if you have ever been in the buyer’s shoes and had someone try one of these techniques on you, you know how annoying they can be.

Obviously I do think there are many legitimate things to learn to become a great professional sales person but there are also a lot of things that some of us would be better off forgetting.

So let’s shred a few of those old sales books today!

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