Go to your next Sales Meeting Naked

I went on a sales call a couple of weeks ago where the rep arrived and spread out about 15 products all across the prospect’s desk. Then she just started talking (and talking) about the products.

All the poor prospect could say was “ah ha”…”ah ha” as the sales person kept talking and talking about the features of these products for about 20 minutes. I sat there and listened and had a very clear sense that the prospect was totally bored. (Heck, I was bored!)

Now I think back on this experience, one tip off was that the sales person was carrying a backpack full of product to the sales call. I was carrying one piece of paper, a pen and a Blackberry – all in my jacket pocket. Nothing in my hands at all.

Now I admit you can have a “wheely bag” full of products and still hold an excellent sales meeting. If you remember the products are only there to be used when appropriate. And appropriate is only to support a solution you have jointly developed with the prospect after plenty of questions to uncover their needs.

But as a practical tip to sales people who currently give product pitches and want to improve their sales meetings. Do this. Check your hands before you go to a sales meeting. If you have bags full of product or brochures in them, think twice. Try leaving all that stuff behind (or at least in your car).

Your job at a sales meeting is to ask questions and to listen. You don’t need arms full of products or brochures to do that. Try going to your next sales meeting without this stuff. Try going naked!

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