Want to be an Expert?

I had a great conversation with a really smart sales executive two weeks ago. We came to an interesting conclusion: it would help him sell more if he were an expert.

Seems to make sense right? If you were an expert, wouldn’t it help you sell more? “But” a little voice might be saying in the back of your head, “I’m not an expert”. Well, good news. Santa is making anybody an expert who wants to be this holiday season!

Anybody can become an “expert” these days. Due to Web 2.0 tools like blogging everyone can publish. And not only that, everyone can get their word out too. So if you can write, have something reasonably interesting to say, can publish it and then can get the word out so some people read it, you are an expert.

An even if you cannot write to save your life there are other tools available to you to be an expert. If you can speak, you can start speaking at events – online (webinars) or offline (physical events). There are plenty of people looking for speakers (I know, I’ve run plenty of events in my time as well as been a speaker). Again you just need something reasonably interesting to say and the ability to market it. You can also get into podcasting or video.

What’s the point? Well, think about how people feel about buying from an “expert” versus a “sales person”. Credibility is one of the key factors in selling. We all try to “sniff out” if someone is credible. If you are perceived by your prospect as an “expert”, much of the discussion of credibility (perceived risk for the buyer) will dissipate. It will make your prospecting and closing of deals much easier.

I’ve seen that happen for us over the last few years that I have been blogging. And it accelerated when I started combining my blog posts with those of already “recognized experts”. Not only does our website draw traffic from people reading its content but it exudes credibility to buyers before they consider using our services.

So how about it? “Dear Santa I’d like to be an expert next year”…

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