3 Strategies For Elevating Your Sales Game

I really like this very actionable post from Kelly Riggs over on the Nimble blog.

Regardless of how good you are there is always value in elevating your game. Obviously, your competitors’ are always looking to move up in the standings, and there is no need for that.

Let’s get a sense of where you are currently. If we analyze sales performance in a general way, salespeople typically fall into one of four buckets:


  1. Business is outstanding. Growth is excellent and you are crushing your numbers.
  2. Business is OK. Growth is slow or non-existent and, although you’re not going backwards, you’re disappointed.
  3. Business is down. Performance is not as expected, and you are 5-25% off last year’s revenue.
  4. You’re in trouble. The Grim Reaper cometh.
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