High-End Selling: Be BRAVE Or Be Gone

Check out this post by my friend George Bradt over on Forbes.com.

It’s the story of a bloke selling pianos but he sells in such a manner that I wager these approaches will work well for other high ticket items…like enterprise software.

You must be BRAVE to sell at the high-end. Behaviors, relationships, attitude, values and the environment make all the difference. Ori Bukai, owner and founder of Allegro Pianos, gave me a master class in such high-end selling one week in June, applicable to products, services or experiences:

  1. Learn about your customers’ needs and desires.
  2. Share information and knowledge with them.
  3. Inspire them with new possibilities.
  4. Enable them to play with the possibilities.
  5. Help them narrow in on the right “objective fit” for their circumstances.
  6. Create space for them to mull things over and decide.
  7. Deliver on your commitments to make their final decisions as easy as possible.
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