It’s Never JUST A Sales Problem!

I totally agree with David Brock here. I saw this many times when I was a sales consultant (and sales manager.)

It’s way too easy to blame sales for revenue problems when in fact the bigger problems are elsewhere (like the market does not want what you are selling!)

We often get called by execs, “We’ve got a sales problem!  We need your help,” or some variation on the theme.  It could be, “Sales isn’t doing their job,” “They aren’t making their numbers, what’s wrong with those sales guys?”

As we start to understand the situation, it always comes down to, “Revenue/orders are down,”  “We aren’t making the numbers,” “We’re losing share,” “We’re losing customers…..”  “We see sales missing it’s goals year after year after year!”

Since sales is responsible for getting orders, generating revenue, acquiring customers, and growing the business–if we aren’t doing those things, it’s easy to think “We’ve got a sales problem!”

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