New Nimble app–much needed. Thanks!

Nimble announced today it has released a new app for the iPhone. This very good news.

I was staring at their old app over the weekend thinking “this does not do much. Why can’t I do some of things I do on the web?”

Well now I can…on the new app. Yeah! It’s always pleasing when things happen on my schedule (not too often)!

If you’re into social selling and have not checked out Nimble, you should. I run my Rolodex from it. It’s the CRM that best aligns with a social selling approach (that I know of).

Here’s the Nimble post about their new app…


In keeping with our Everywhere You Work strategy, today we released our new Nimble iOS app, which delivers to you intelligent relationship insights on the road and on the go. Mobile is key to Nimble’s core focus of supporting your unique social selling workflow and with mobile, we tie the Nimble Way together. This is just the first of many releases that delivers what our users want and need.  You aren’t boxed in with Nimble, because we give you the ability to work how, when and where you like to work.  Our Nimble Android app is in beta and will be released soon.

Read the full Nimble post here

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