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Another nice post by Mr David Brock here.

I can be totally guilty of this. Don’t get wrapped up in the “coolness” of Sales 2.0 tools and Social Selling. Unless you take things “offline” and actually talk (and even more crazy, meet with people) you’re not going to sell anything.

The Most Important Improvement In Efficiency, Actually Talking To People

by Dave Brock on July 31st, 2014
Business Woman Running on a Hampster WheelEveryone is time poor.  We have too much on our plates–more than we possibly can accomplish.  We’re inundated with emails, messages, phone calls, meetings.  The growth of our “To-Do” lists far outpaces out “Completed” lists.In attempts to bring sanity and manageability into our lives, we leverage all sorts of tools and techniques to improve our efficiency.

Too often, over time, our quest for efficiency makes us very efficient–that is we get a lot of activities done–but has an adverse impact on our results.

We get caught up in endless emails streams–back and forth, back and forth, ping, pong…….., yet we never really identify or resolve the issues.  Or worse yet, more people than necessary get involved–using that ever so wasteful tool called, “reply all.”  Now what may have been a simple query snow balls into diverse opinions.

What should have been simple and easy snowballs into complexity—despite our efficiency leveraging the tools to improve our efficiency.

It happens through emails, messages, tweets, “updates,” “likes,” comments, voicemails.  It’s a 7/24 hour snowball of stuff, with little communication.

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  1. Dave Brock August 5, 2014 at 1:02 pm #

    Thank Nigel, I’m very flattered that you like the post. Thanks for promoting it. Regards, Dave

    • Nigel Edelshain August 5, 2014 at 2:57 pm #


      Thank you for writing it!

      My goal is bring the best sales information to light for today’s sales professional. I think we share that goal!


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