How to A/B Test Your Sales Voicemails to Improve Response Rates

I love the concept of this post from Patrick Cahill on the Hubspot Inbound Sales blog.

It seems totally sensible to me that sales people should A/B test their calls the same way marketers A/B test web pages, emails etc. etc.

In fact sophisticated marketers live by A/B testing so why wouldn’t sales people learn this too.

The improvements are not necessarily one time either but they can compound. If you keep improving using an A/B approach you could dramatically improve your company (or team’s) sales. Something to think about…

After examining data from hundreds of thousands of dials, it turns out that voicemail can be adjusted, tweaked, and tested to improve response rates.

While there are many variables, these are “Three S’s” you can look at when testing voicemail messaging at a high level:

  • Structure: How you’re saying it
  • Subject: What you’re saying
  • Star: Who’s saying it

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