6 Sales Strategies from Sales Hacker to use in 2015

This looks like a goldmine of information on how to sell in today’s environment.

I love the concept of the Sales Hacker conference (and the concept of “hacking”) and I’m hoping to attend one of these conferences soon.

The most important thing that we learned at Sales Hacker Conference SF? At Sales Hacker last week, we listened and spoke with successful entrepreneurs that are finding ways to improve all parts of their sales pipeline by:

  • providing salespeople with tools to become their own personal marketers
  • testing inbound marketing strategies that can be implemented by non-techies
  • implementing customer success tactics that increase referrals, upsells, and cross-sells

Below are excerpts from our six favorite talks at Sales Hacker Conference. Whether you’re in an established business or growing a startup, these posts have tips to help you prospect, sell, and retain more customers.

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