Holiday reminders from Uncle Paul

Every time a holiday comes around I can hear “Uncle Paul Castain” reminding us sales people not to slack off. He’s totally right about it too.

Whenever you think it might be a bad idea to call someone or send an email because “people aren’t working”, just do it! (For example, some of the best emails I’ve sent were sent to business executives on the weekend.)

It sucks that so many of us (including your target senior executives) work all the time but if you want to do well in sales, run away from the herd and contact your prospects when your competitors have nodded off.

Here are a couple of great reminders from “Uncle Paul”:

I Hope You’re Not A Part Of This Foolishness?


So here it is the Friday before Thanksgiving and I can guarantee you that there are sales reps out there that have begun their “Mental Shutdown”.

I’m all about recharging and enjoying holidays but . . .

For those that need to milk a week out of a 4 day weekend;


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3 Days Of Admin . . . Really?


As we head into a holiday week here in the states there are some people who are going to make a poor choice!


I’m talking about those who are about to work on “Admin Stuff” this Monday – Wednesday!


On the surface, it seems like a good thing to do because


a) They didn’t take the whole week off


b) They didn’t mentally check out


But 3 days of admin?


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