The Reason for this Blog

The Sales 2.0 Blog is written by Nigel Edelshain. I’m the bloke who coined the term “Sales 2.0” in 2006.

My goal with this blog is to bring you ideas that will boost your sales results. This blog is for sales people, sales managers and small business owners.

My vision is to “take the sales profession to the next level”. Practically this means using the amazing opportunity the Internet has now brought us through Web 2.0 and social media to be smarter at selling. The tools are there it’s your call on whether you use them.

How I got here – My Story

I started my career as microchip designer in the UK in 1986. In 1991 I came to the United States to go to business school at Wharton. In 1995 I was introduced through a friend to a small IT services company in New York. For the first year at that company I did the “typical MBA things”: marketing, partnership development and business plan writing. But after a year the company said “well you’ve done a good job of that but we don’t have any more of that kind of work for you to do. So we have two choices for you: (a) join our sales team or (b) leave… so I got into sales!

Like so many new sales people before (and after) me, I found his initial year in sales tough. They don’t teach sales at Wharton!

I did not have any training on what worked and what didn’t. I tried working with my sales manager to get answers: he just said “there’s the phone. Call more”.  Doing more of what didn’t work. Hmm, interesting idea.

That set me off on a journey that’s been continuing for 11 years. What should sales people do to sell better? How can we take our sales to the next level?

I believe I’ve found some of the answers but the best answers are still to come – maybe some from me. But mostly from others. That’s what this blog is about my ideas and the best ones I can find  from all the sales experts I can find.