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5 ideas that will impact your sales career

This post is going to be biased. Sorry. I’m a big fan boy of David Meerman Scott dating back to his (in my opinion) classic book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. I read that book in 2008 and it rocked my world. Now he’s got a new book focused on sales, The New […]

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The State of Inbound-SALES!

I’m still pretty jazzed up about the Hubspot Inbound 2014 conference that I attended this week. A lot more to come on that over the next few weeks. The big reason for my excitement (apart from seeing so many sales friends) is that Hubspot has joined the CRM game and is looking to help sales […]

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New Nimble app–much needed. Thanks!

Nimble announced today it has released a new app for the iPhone. This very good news. I was staring at their old app over the weekend thinking “this does not do much. Why can’t I do some of things I do on the web?” Well now I can…on the new app. Yeah! It’s always pleasing […]

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The Sales 2.0 Gift Horse

A story from my consulting work. I thought it would be a good idea for my client to see if they could sell more to their existing top accounts (I’m quite the strategist you will note.) The first step to doing this was to get a list of those top accounts. After playing with the […]

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CRM’s for the Real World

Over the years of sales consulting with companies of all sizes (many ironically in IT), I’ve seen some darn ugly CRM databases. Back in the first days of this blog I compared these databases to a 2-year-old’s bedroom (in fact I should have said a 4-year-old’s bedroom I believe having now passed through that milestone […]

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Your Prospect List is Like Love

We still don’t spend enough time on figuring out who to call.I’ve been talking to a few business owners this week about how to develop their business. We’ve talked extensively about prospecting and it keeps striking me that the #1 ingredient to successful prospecting for them is going to be the quality of their prospect […]

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Does Size Matter?

Does size matter?  When it comes to prospect databases (a.k.a. “Rolodexes”) the answer is yes, and mostly no. Time and again I see companies who have very large prospect/client databases (a.k.a. Rolodexes) but have very little “relationship strength” with each (or sometimes any) contact in the database.  This makes the overall value of the database […]

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