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For a Client Base Built on Relationships, Social Selling Unlocks Doors

This is a guest post by Russ Korins, Director of Marketing, Cohen Tauber Spievack & Wagner P.C. When I came on board a year ago to head marketing and business development for a mid-sized law firm, the first thing I did was interview every attorney about his or her client base, what characterizes ideal clients, and [...]

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The Sales 2.0 Gift Horse

A story from my consulting work. I thought it would be a good idea for my client to see if they could sell more to their existing top accounts (I’m quite the strategist you will note.) The first step to doing this was to get a list of those top accounts. After playing with the [...]

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What do you Know about your Prospect?

Here’s another case where sales people need to take a concept further than their marketing colleagues (last time as we going on about using Sales 2.0 tools in general). This post is about knowing your prospect. Marketing types have actually formalized a methodology around knowing your prospect and call it “persona marketing”. This methodology stemmed [...]

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What does Do Nothing Really Look like for your Prospect?

What’s your biggest competitor? If you’re in IT sales is it IBM. Apple, Google, Wipro, some dudes in Bulgaria? Probably not. You’re biggest competitor is Status Quo Inc. Boy those guys are tough to beat! The thing is a lot of the time our prospect will choose the status quo, aka do nothing vs. any [...]

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Prospecting the Hard Way

I’m not that keen on banging my head off walls. But some sales people are. Mostly sales people that have been trained in “old school selling techniques”. The ”old school” maintains that “sales is a numbers game” and the numbers that matter are all about effort. All about volume. One of the key indicators of [...]

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Customer 2.0 – What’s Changed?

Are your customers behaving differently now than they were 5-10 years ago? Is Customer 2.0 real? Are they super-frazzled? What say you? I’d love your opinion. I’m not sure if it’s because I just read SNAP Selling again or because I keep seeing the words Customer 2.0 on InsideView’s blog but I’m starting to thoroughly [...]

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Customer 2.0 has Different Shoe Sizes

I’m into smart prospecting. I believe we should find out as much as we can before we call someone. Our ability to know more before the call is increasing all the time as the tools that can inform us are constantly improving. But there is a limit. These tools are all drawing from the pool [...]

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Startling New Prospecting Research: The Product You Sell Matters (a Lot)

We are keen on data here at Sales 2.0. In our telesales operation we recently reviewed conversion data for some of our projects. From that analysis I can reveal to you today that: The product you sell influences your prospecting outcomes — a lot! OK so that’s intuitively extra-obvious. But the way management acts in [...]

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Shred Your Sales Books!

My best takeaway from the Sales Skills for MBA’s event in New York was from one of the participants who introduced herself in the Q & A as “not being a sales person”. She made the comment that she now understood that sales is in fact quite simple.  “It comes down to being human and [...]

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IT Sales Strategies for Financial Services

Ed Sim, VC, is really “hitting some nails on the head” this month in his blog.  I saw another great post from him on selling IT to the financial services sector.  Ed isolated four strategies for selling IT to major financial institutions: Enter through the CIO (if you are lucky enough to have a CIO [...]

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