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My 3 secrets for getting more done

This is a post by Anthony Iannarino. It originally appeared in Anthony’s newsletter. I liked it so much I asked Anthony if I could reproduce it here. Once you’ve read this you should head on over to Anthony’s newsletter page and sign up so you too get his emails. They come on Sunday mornings and [...]

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How One VP Hired 23 Reps in 100 Days (and Lived)

Great post for sales managers from two great people. Congrats to Kevin Gaither for pulling this off! And great thanks to Matt for bringing this information to light. I’ve come to learn that having a pipeline of candidates and making good sales hires is a critical part of a sales managers job. I’ve certainly screwed this [...]

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Does Anti-Social Selling have its place?

“Do you guys not have clients?” That was the point where he lost me. Actually more like the point where some rude sentences scrolled across my mind. “Uh yes, dude, we have clients!” I’m the marketing director here. “What do you think I do all day? Sit around and play with my Scrabble set?” (OK, [...]

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3 Strategies For Elevating Your Sales Game

I really like this very actionable post from Kelly Riggs over on the Nimble blog. Regardless of how good you are there is always value in elevating your game. Obviously, your competitors’ are always looking to move up in the standings, and there is no need for that. Let’s get a sense of where you are currently. [...]

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Talk to people

Another nice post by Mr David Brock here. I can be totally guilty of this. Don’t get wrapped up in the “coolness” of Sales 2.0 tools and Social Selling. Unless you take things “offline” and actually talk (and even more crazy, meet with people) you’re not going to sell anything. The Most Important Improvement In [...]

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A sales book that will save your bacon

Next time you join a new company or change your sales role in your company, you’re going to want to have a copy of Jill Konrath’s new book: Agile Selling. Actually if you know what’s really good for you, you’re going to want to read this book now and learn the skills in the book [...]

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New sales gig: Expect nothing

Here’s a planning tool for you, if you’re considering a new sales job. You’ll get nothing. Nada. Zip. Nout. That’s what will be prepared for you when you start your gig. Here are some things that you will need to be successful in your selling and won’t be waiting for you: Leads Relationships A clean [...]

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Do you value your selling time highly enough?

“As we discussed, I’ll get back to you with ideas and the data you requested on A, B & C” That’s how an initial meeting ended recently with a technology sales person. In general, I liked the way this sales person ran the meeting with us. She started the meeting by asking questions to discover [...]

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Social Selling: Walk the Talk, Please

I was packing up my things to go home for the night and my office phone rang. “Hmm”, I thought, “I better not pick this up or I’ll be late getting home as promised and then they’ll be trouble”. So I let it ring to voice mail. But of course curiosity overtook me so once [...]

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Are you doing the right things?

Just connected with my friend John Counsineau at Amacus and was reading one of his recent posts over at the blog. Reading that post reminded me of one of John’s basic philosophies to sales and the tool he’s built to back that up (Amacus). This basic philosophy (my version): it’s not what the sales [...]

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