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A sales book that will save your bacon

Next time you join a new company or change your sales role in your company, you’re going to want to have a copy of Jill Konrath’s new book: Agile Selling. Actually if you know what’s really good for you, you’re going to want to read this book now and learn the skills in the book [...]

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New sales gig: Expect nothing

Here’s a planning tool for you, if you’re considering a new sales job. You’ll get nothing. Nada. Zip. Nout. That’s what will be prepared for you when you start your gig. Here are some things that you will need to be successful in your selling and won’t be waiting for you: Leads Relationships A clean [...]

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Do you value your selling time highly enough?

“As we discussed, I’ll get back to you with ideas and the data you requested on A, B & C” That’s how an initial meeting ended recently with a technology sales person. In general, I liked the way this sales person ran the meeting with us. She started the meeting by asking questions to discover [...]

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Social Selling: Walk the Talk, Please

I was packing up my things to go home for the night and my office phone rang. “Hmm”, I thought, “I better not pick this up or I’ll be late getting home as promised and then they’ll be trouble”. So I let it ring to voice mail. But of course curiosity overtook me so once [...]

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Are you doing the right things?

Just connected with my friend John Counsineau at Amacus and was reading one of his recent posts over at the blog. Reading that post reminded me of one of John’s basic philosophies to sales and the tool he’s built to back that up (Amacus). This basic philosophy (my version): it’s not what the sales [...]

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Social Selling – This Could Take a While

A few things happened to me this week that remind me how long It can take for new sales techniques to be adopted – and become a habit with sales people. I was discussing a situation with one of my sales consultant friends where they are seeing a sales force where solution selling is still [...]

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Huh? What did you Say?

The central point behind Jill Konrath’s second best selling sales book, SNAP Selling, is that buyers are now super-frazzled individuals. Sales people need to realize this and adapt their approach accordingly. No more long rambling emails or voice mails. But here’s something I am noticing more-and-more these days: it’s not only prospects that are super-frazzled [...]

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Are you into Mastery?

Just been listening to Daniel Pink’s  book Drive.  Drive is about what motivates us. One of the key motivators Pink talks about is the pursuit of mastery. Of course that made me think about mastery in sales. Pink describes research about how people view intelligence. The research found that people fall into two groups: one [...]

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The Social Graph is Your Friend(s)

Mark Zuckerberg (you know the movie star) popularized the term the “social graph” to give a visual representation to the way we are all connected socially (and to promote his movie.) The social graph represents the relationships between us as lines and us as the nodes (see the photo.) Why does this concept matter to [...]

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Wagons Ho!

“There’s a great opportunity here for us. This new product of ours is going to grow our revenue significantly in 2010.” I’m watching a situation in one of our clients which I’ve seen many times before. A CEO has the vision for a new product. The senior executives agree that there’s an opportunity here to [...]

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