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Social selling infographic

Here’s a nice infographic from Linkedin Sales Solutions about social selling. What do you think about the data that shows that social sellers will make more money (by hitting quota) and get promoted faster? The original post that featured this infographic is here. Thanks to Linkedin for letting me use this infographic.  

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For a Client Base Built on Relationships, Social Selling Unlocks Doors

This is a guest post by Russ Korins, Director of Marketing, Cohen Tauber Spievack & Wagner P.C. When I came on board a year ago to head marketing and business development for a mid-sized law firm, the first thing I did was interview every attorney about his or her client base, what characterizes ideal clients, and […]

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Worth an hour, or two, of your time

I think this is worth some of your time next week. Definitely something to watch while eating your lunchtime sandwich at least. Full disclosure: I’m NOT participating this year. Not surprising since I’ve been in hiding as a sales expert for a bit. So I’m not saying you should go as a speaker. I just […]

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The Social Graph is Your Friend(s)

Mark Zuckerberg (you know the movie star) popularized the term the “social graph” to give a visual representation to the way we are all connected socially (and to promote his movie.) The social graph represents the relationships between us as lines and us as the nodes (see the photo.) Why does this concept matter to […]

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CRM’s for the Real World

Over the years of sales consulting with companies of all sizes (many ironically in IT), I’ve seen some darn ugly CRM databases. Back in the first days of this blog I compared these databases to a 2-year-old’s bedroom (in fact I should have said a 4-year-old’s bedroom I believe having now passed through that milestone […]

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Customer 2.0 and Channel Fragmentation

I’ve been noticing something recently. First it was a suspicion and now I managed to cobble together some data that makes me think this is real. I’m calling it “channel fragmentation” (not sure where that came from but it will do as a working title). What I think is going on is as we introduce […]

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Social Selling YOU: What’s Your Brand?

What do people say about you behind your back? I love this question from “Uncle Paul Castain“. It’s a great way of boiling things down into one sentence. So what do people say about you behind your back? Bad things? Good things? Great things? And what great things? What do people think of when they […]

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Prospecting Trigger Events – a New Linkedin Way

I’m having a bit of a “Mashable Moment” today (aka this post is about tools/technology). I’ve seen several new feature updates come out of LinkedIn lately and I feel several of these are important for you to know about. These updatesare giving you new ways to use LinkedIn as a “Social Calling” tool (my methodology […]

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Sales Prospecting: 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Sell

I went to speak to my friend and New York master sales trainer, David Leaver of Opus Partners, on this one. (You may have noticed a trend in my last two blogs posts that I am interviewing other experts. This is because I don’t know everything). David has been at this sales training game for […]

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How to Use Twitter to Sell: 10 Expert Tips

Every time I speak at a conference or do a webinar someone asks about Twitter. Seems like that bird is a bit of an obsession these days. I have a couple of theories on how sales people should use Twitter but I thought I’d check my sanity this week and ask a brain trust of […]

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