Manage your prospecting time

As I’ve said before, I think time management is one of the top 3 most important skills in sales. I love the work “Uncle Paul” does so I signed up for his upcoming webinar on using your sales time effectively. (I’m not alone on loving Uncle P’s work as I hear these webinars are regularly […]

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I like the drift of this new sales book

I read about an interesting new sales book today, Beyond The Sales Process. One of the authors, Dave Stein, is well known to me and has a long reputation of putting together quality sales content and research. These two points from an interview with Dave and his coauthor, Steve Andersen, hit me between the eyes. I totally […]

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Social proximity account plan

A great point highlighted on the Linkedin Sales Blog yesterday. I hope to be saying more about this soon. I’ve used this approach for some of my own startup gigs. It works. Designing your go-to-market plan based on relationships versus ZIP codes is a really smart move for most companies these days. The key point is […]

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Time management is everything in sales

In the end the limit to your sales success will be time. If you had an infinite amount of time, you would make an infinite amount of sales. But you don’t. Here’s a useful post from Hubspot on some ways not to spend your day. 12 Bad Habits That Make You Less Productive Biting your […]

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How to follow up on a download

Great post here by David Brock. I’ve actually wondered about the best messaging to follow up on an ebook download and David makes it very obvious how to do it. Do Your Sales People Understand The Objective Of Your Content? The other day, I downloaded an outstanding market research study.  It was entitled, 2016, The […]

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Holiday reminders from Uncle Paul

Every time a holiday comes around I can hear “Uncle Paul Castain” reminding us sales people not to slack off. He’s totally right about it too. Whenever you think it might be a bad idea to call someone or send an email because “people aren’t working”, just do it! (For example, some of the best […]

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6 Sales Strategies from Sales Hacker to use in 2015

This looks like a goldmine of information on how to sell in today’s environment. I love the concept of the Sales Hacker conference (and the concept of “hacking”) and I’m hoping to attend one of these conferences soon. The most important thing that we learned at Sales Hacker Conference SF? At Sales Hacker last week, […]

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Salespeople, Do Not Send Me This

I think I got the same email that Trish Bertuzzi got. Trish is spot on with this post about email prospecting (as always). We live in a world awash with low cost Sales 2.0/Social Selling tool. If you don’t use these tools to customize your prospecting to the recipient, you are wasting your prospect’s time. Nobody […]

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5 Best Practices For Building Relationships On LinkedIn

Nice post by Melonie Dodaro via the Linkedin sales blog on the basics of using Linkedin to build relationships (i.e. sales!) To the last point I’d like to add: Take the conversation offline if you really want to have someone as a real contact for the future. There’s a huge difference between a Linkedin connection and […]

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How to A/B Test Your Sales Voicemails to Improve Response Rates

I love the concept of this post from Patrick Cahill on the Hubspot Inbound Sales blog. It seems totally sensible to me that sales people should A/B test their calls the same way marketers A/B test web pages, emails etc. etc. In fact sophisticated marketers live by A/B testing so why wouldn’t sales people learn […]

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