Get a Call Back This Week for Halloween

If you’ve read my stuff before, you’ll know I love handwritten notes–because they work! So I love this tip from Lori Richardson at Score More Sales. It’s a note that has a great seasonal flavor. So cool (and effective)! I’m sure if you thought about this for a while you could come up with similar […]

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Sales for Startup Slideshare from Matt Heinz

If you work in a startup, or are planning one, definitely check out this Slideshare from Matt Heinz. There are some great points in here. I’ve added a few ideas to my plans from this deck. For more of Matt’s great ideas go visit his blog. I’ve been reading Matt’s stuff for a while now […]

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Social selling infographic

Here’s a nice infographic from Linkedin Sales Solutions about social selling. What do you think about the data that shows that social sellers will make more money (by hitting quota) and get promoted faster? The original post that featured this infographic is here. Thanks to Linkedin for letting me use this infographic.  

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5 ideas that will impact your sales career

This post is going to be biased. Sorry. I’m a big fan boy of David Meerman Scott dating back to his (in my opinion) classic book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. I read that book in 2008 and it rocked my world. Now he’s got a new book focused on sales, The New […]

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Where can I get the best prospect list?

Some sales people in my firm were discussing where they could get the best prospect lists. They are building out a new territory so they need people to contact. Some of the team were leaning towards a trial account with Hoovers. I jumped in to try and be helpful and told them I already had […]

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The State of Inbound-SALES!

I’m still pretty jazzed up about the Hubspot Inbound 2014 conference that I attended this week. A lot more to come on that over the next few weeks. The big reason for my excitement (apart from seeing so many sales friends) is that Hubspot has joined the CRM game and is looking to help sales […]

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Startup sales gigs-watch out for men bearing shades

“Dude, the future of this startup is so bright you better bring shades.” Startups are super exciting but they can turn a “rockstar sales person” into a “loser”. So if one of these “golden opportunities” comes your way, try to look carefully before you jump in. Here’s why. Entrepreneurs by definition need to be super […]

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40 Ways To Hunt For Business More Creatively

Mr. Paul Castain demonstrates his creativity with this excellent list of 40 ways to be more creative in prospecting. Super-practical stuff. You know, I could be way out of line in this assumption but prospects need creative solutions to the challenges they face in their world. More specifically they need your creativity. Million dollar question […]

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New Nimble app–much needed. Thanks!

Nimble announced today it has released a new app for the iPhone. This very good news. I was staring at their old app over the weekend thinking “this does not do much. Why can’t I do some of things I do on the web?” Well now I can…on the new app. Yeah! It’s always pleasing […]

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It’s Never JUST A Sales Problem!

I totally agree with David Brock here. I saw this many times when I was a sales consultant (and sales manager.) It’s way too easy to blame sales for revenue problems when in fact the bigger problems are elsewhere (like the market does not want what you are selling!) We often get called by execs, […]

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