Hit Your Number with Numbers

The future of sales belongs to sales geeks. You can already see this in marketing. Marketing is already way more numeric and analytical than it used to be. And if you buy into the story that future sales people will look a lot more like “mini marketers” then sales people are going to need to [...]

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Prospecting idea: have an idea

In a previous post I went on about how uninspiring (and ineffective) it is for a sales person to call a prospect to “just touch base”. On the other hand, I’m all for sales people using the telephone to stay in touch. So what’s the solution? If you must call what do you say. Here’s [...]

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Go retro for important prospects

900, 300, 0. The first number is the number of emails I get as a marketing manager each quarter from sales people. The second number is the number of phone calls I get from sales people each quarter. The last number is the number of letters and notes I receive from sales people each quarter. [...]

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Having a power tool does not make you a craftsman

A lot of salespeople don’t like to do research. That’s the way it seems hanging out in my “buyer’s chair” again this week. As much as Sales 2.0 and social selling tools improve (and they have), we are still only as good as how we use these tools. I guess at some point the tools [...]

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Please don’t just touch my base

“How are you?” When I first came to the US (in 1991) a fellow student asked me this question as we were walking by each other in Philadelphia. I’d heard that Americans were much friendlier than Brits so I thought it was very nice of this person I did not know to care about my [...]

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Do you really want to meet with me? No, I mean really.

Dear Nigel, First of all I’d like to introduce myself. My name is John Same and I am the head of business development at Offshore Dev Co. I have found your profile on LinkedIn and, given your role, thought that it might be a good idea to contact you and offer some services that could [...]

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Email Prospecting: How to avoid being a Right Charlie

I got this email a few weeks ago from someone I did not know at the time. I liked it and replied to the email. I think this email has several ingredients you could use in your email prospecting. Nigel, I’m a young entrepreneur looking for your input as you are a sales 2.0 leader. [...]

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Social Selling: Walk the Talk, Please

I was packing up my things to go home for the night and my office phone rang. “Hmm”, I thought, “I better not pick this up or I’ll be late getting home as promised and then they’ll be trouble”. So I let it ring to voice mail. But of course curiosity overtook me so once [...]

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Worth an hour, or two, of your time

I think this is worth some of your time next week. Definitely something to watch while eating your lunchtime sandwich at least. Full disclosure: I’m NOT participating this year. Not surprising since I’ve been in hiding as a sales expert for a bit. So I’m not saying you should go as a speaker. I just [...]

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Are you doing the right things?

Just connected with my friend John Counsineau at Amacus and was reading one of his recent posts over at the Salesforce.com blog. Reading that post reminded me of one of John’s basic philosophies to sales and the tool he’s built to back that up (Amacus). This basic philosophy (my version): it’s not what the sales [...]

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