Trigger event types

This post is in reply to a comment left by Louis Gudema on my last post. If you haven’t checked out Louis’ blog, you should. He’s writing some excellent stuff about modern sales and marketing over there. As timing would have it, Louis just updated me that he has a new (free 83-page) ebook out [...]

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This may hit your Sweetspot

If you’ve read my stuff before, you’ll know I have one basic prospecting framework I’ve been harking on about for the last 4-5 years. It’s a framework aimed at getting you access, setting up those oh-so-important initial sales meetings. My prospecting framework has 3 elements: Define your prospects and get their basic data: for example [...]

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Don’t just check in

Nice post by David Brock. I went on about “just touching my base” here. It drives me nuts. I’m glad David agrees (smart dude!) “Checking In,” Is Not A Next Step! For those of you that know me, this won’t be a stunning confession, but I really struggle with my impatience.  I try to rein it in–I’ve [...]

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A sales book that will save your bacon

Next time you join a new company or change your sales role in your company, you’re going to want to have a copy of Jill Konrath’s new book: Agile Selling. Actually if you know what’s really good for you, you’re going to want to read this book now and learn the skills in the book [...]

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Working to automate your social selling emails

Sales people have had automation for a long time but the traditional form of automation aligned with the traditional view of the sales job. It was “phone automation”. It took the form of auto dialers and click-to-dial solutions. But now email has become an incredibly popular sales tool (maybe too popular but that’s a discussion [...]

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New sales gig: Expect nothing

Here’s a planning tool for you, if you’re considering a new sales job. You’ll get nothing. Nada. Zip. Nout. That’s what will be prepared for you when you start your gig. Here are some things that you will need to be successful in your selling and won’t be waiting for you: Leads Relationships A clean [...]

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For a Client Base Built on Relationships, Social Selling Unlocks Doors

This is a guest post by Russ Korins, Director of Marketing, Cohen Tauber Spievack & Wagner P.C. When I came on board a year ago to head marketing and business development for a mid-sized law firm, the first thing I did was interview every attorney about his or her client base, what characterizes ideal clients, and [...]

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Show me the money

“Show me the money, Jerry” Those are the words from a classic movie scene in the film Jerry Maguire (see the video at the end of this post). It’s also a great phrase to keep in mind when selling to senior executives that will sign off on your deal. I saw an example of this [...]

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A scoop of Insideview with some Jigsaw special sauce

“A scoop of Insideview with some Jigsaw special sauce.” That’s my best shot at summing up a new “Sales 2.0” tool that I think you should check out. The tool is Owler. Owler is a new company from the fellow who founded none other than one of my favorite Sales 2.0 tools of all time: [...]

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Do you value your selling time highly enough?

“As we discussed, I’ll get back to you with ideas and the data you requested on A, B & C” That’s how an initial meeting ended recently with a technology sales person. In general, I liked the way this sales person ran the meeting with us. She started the meeting by asking questions to discover [...]

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